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Other Services

Choose from a variety of options to make your special day even more memorable

Cocktail Catering

An exclusive corner bar made for your event.

A cocktail bar custom-created for you with the ability to choose a personalized drink list and offer the opportunity for everyone to be able to have cocktails and delicious drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, cocktails and delicious drinks.

With ad hoc set up for the event and the presence of two professional and specialized Bartender figures who with their hands are ready to create real magic where in one glass you will find innovation and creativity .

Wedding dress

A magical moment, a fairy tale to wear. The wedding dress should reflect your style and personality in a unique way, because you are unique. Contact us to choose together the perfect atelier where you can find your wedding dress.

Lights and fireworks

In the lights that illuminate the night is the essence of love. Pyrotechnic games, sets of lights and colors. Write to us to choose together.

Cake design

Sugar art speaks the language of love. Let’s choose together how to make the cake for a perfect cutting moment.

Mis en place

Your love is reflected in the details. Centerpieces, place cards and tableware in the style of your wedding.

Wedding Invitations, Menu and Tableau Design

Caressing the paper is a noble gesture of love. We can make all the wedding stationery for your wedding together with our graphic designers. Tell us about your style.

Make-Up and Hair

The main character is you. The bride’s makeup and make-up is a mirror of her style, of your style. We select the best wedding make-up artists from all over Italy for you.

Photographer and Video Maker

Getting married in Italy is one of the most enchanting and romantic experiences a couple can wish for. We have selected the most beautiful Italian locations to celebrate your wedding, come and discover them.

Catering / Banqueting

There is no finer gesture than sharing food with those you love. From menu selection to the confectionery and rum corner. Let’s create the perfect menu for your wedding together.

Musical entertainment

Dance the night away. The choice of music reflects the tastes and style of the protagonists of this beautiful day, you. Let’s choose it together.

Bachelorette party

What could be nicer than a day, a weekend or a few days with lifelong best friends? Contact us to organize your bachelorette party from A to Z.


Take me by the hand and carry me far away. In Italy or abroad, we have selected the best locations for your honeymoon. Contact us to find out about them all.