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Who is Monica

She is the one who believes in the purest feeling there is: love

Love understood in all its forms, loves to see and give a smile, loves to give genuine emotions, indelible emotions, creating wonderful memories that remain in the heart forever.

When people ask me how I like to describe myself, I always answer “as the Wedding Travel Planner of the heart,” a reliable, friendly, sunny, simple, humorous, creative, volcanic friend with one goal: to make your most important day magical and full of emotions, your unforgettable moment, making you live a real fairy tale of love.

Romanic, curious and dreamer, with a strong passion for travel and driven towards all that is authentic, I chose to give birth to my big project of the heart, Comedincanto Wedding Travel

A reality through which I can give you the opportunity to be happy through my creativity, where I can shape together with you valuable moments and unforgettable memories, where I can realize the dreams of lovers, bring to life exciting events with an authentic and romantic feel.

Driven by my strong love for the island of Formentera, I have specialized in organizing wedding proposals and destination weddings around the world, where you say your yes barefoot in the sand.

"I dream of a world in harmony, where everyone can be happy and free to express themselves."

Comedincanto has taught me that even in the most difficult times of one's life, one can start over, and that is why I chose to call my reality Comedincanto Wedding Travel, a unique place where we can be free to express ourselves and love the people around us.